Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I Went to Some Wants

Sausage stuffed pears at Elsewhere

I have come limping back to my cousin's web side, and must make amends for keeping quiet when I went to theres.
First, there was Vinegar Hill House.  I went to there.  The cheese board, the cast iron chicken ( succulent, good enough to get again), and a candle in my unmemorable dessert.  There was Sigmund Pretzel Shop--one of the very first postings in this blog.  I went to there.  Sunflower seed pretzel, cheese pretzel, warm cinnamon sugar pretzel, a girl behind the counter bored by my indecision.  There was Vandaag.  We went to there.  An assortment of pickled things, none of which were among the stranger or more interesting Vandaag purports to make. A burger, okay.  A seat too close to a window on a freezing Winter evening.  A surprisingly delicious ice cream sandwich.  There was Char No. 4.  I went to there.  They were out of the shrimp and grits, and I wasn't much in the mood for anything else.  Except some 3 oz pours of whiskey, and some fried balls of something kindly brought to us on the house.  Buttermilk Channel.  I went to there. Again.  It was New Year's Eve, and they let me take home a balloon.  And gave me a glass of pink champagne just for being me.  The Duck meatloaf  continues to be excellent.  There was Momofuku.  We went to there.  Pure bliss.  
Biscuits and pretty nails at Elsewhere
There have been others, theres I never wrote about to begin with, destinations never to receive a place in line with all the published wants--Five Leaves, Elsewhere (I may never go elsewhere in Times Square), two aborted attempts at Balaboosta (we WILL go to there), X2O (Yonkers, foodie destination), one aborted attempt at Prime Meats (two hour wait at 7 pm? ), Rubirosa, Strong Place, and some place whose name is lost to me.  And now, you.  Which serves me right for turning my back on the blog.  Now I've dipped my fingers onto the keyboard, it might not be so hard to jump back in.