Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Went To There: Pinche Taqueria

You may notice that this picture is more or less identical to the one I posted in the I Want To Go To There entry for Pinche Taqueria, which I stole from the internet. But I actually took this one -- don't they look amazing? I and my taco-mates enjoyed these fish tacos at the Lafayette location of Pinche last night, along with an order of yucca fries, an ear of corn rolled in mayo, spices, and cojita cheese, and some Negro Modelos.

Pinche is a tiny, narrow space wedged into the tight triangle between Lafayette and Mulberry just below the Bleecker St. station. You order at the counter and they bring the food to you at these low wooden tables with little foot stools. When we got there around 8:30, there were only one or two other groups dining. An hour later, it was starting to fill up -- mostly with Europeans, a couple of whom scoffed at me when I removed their belongings from my taco-mate's seat. The cooks at Pinche watch sports on the television, and when their team wins, they shout and ring a bell.

As for the tacos, I think you can see that they were a thrill. The fish is tilapia, generously fried and garnished with cabbage, onions, cilantro, cilantro sauce, and a delicious guacamole. The tortillas, though perhaps a bit on the dry side, stayed together and were of an appropriate size to contain the toppings. The yucca fries came in a huge order -- good for sharing -- but might have lost some of the delicious root-vegetable chewiness of the yucca to over-frying. Still, they were wonderful with the two dipping sauces: cilantro mayonnaise and jalapeno ketchup (I preferred the latter.)

I'd love to go back to Pinche, but there are many other fish tacos in this city that are begging to be had and savored. Next up: Mercadito.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chris' Hot Dogs

I've always liked a hot dog--on a city street, in the park, at a baseball game, at home, and in someone's backyard.  Castup, mustard, relish--I want it all.  And I want to go to Chris', which has been serving dogs since 1917 in downtown Montgomery.  Okay, the hotdog in the picture looks a little less than appealing--but look at Chris!  And look at their use of an apostrophe! Their website boasts of the years when it was Montgomery's favorite late night place to be--it stayed open all night and Hank Williams hung out there.  And I, I am going to go to there.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bread and Butter

Is it the idiom or the taste that appeals?  Here's what I'd want besides a living income: I'd start with the black mission figs, and the pumpkin soup with roasted chestnuts.  Oysters.  The seafood gumbo is something I'd have to try but I think I might also want to indulge in the "Dinner for 2."  Mostly just because it's for two, and also because the very idea of its excess makes me happy.  But this is a neighborhood joint--I could come here for the occasional burger, the butternut squash with maple syrup, the fried sweet corn.  And I'd want to taste that cheese plate with the lavender honey, yes, I would.  Oh, let summer come quickly to Brooklyn Heights, and let my livelihood be metaphoric, and let someone say, "yes, I will have that Dinner for 2 with you."  But Helen, will you still go to there when you learn that this southern restaurant has no biscuits?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


222 E. 53rd St. nr. Third Ave.

O Bao? More like Oh BOY, those noodle soups look good (forgive me.) And here you were thinking all I wanted was a big sandwich. Mostly, you were right. But I also desire a delicious bowl of soup noodles, and this new place, owned by Michael Huynh (of Bar Bao, Pho Sure, and Baogette) has a number of vegetarian and FISHY options. Feed it to me.