Monday, February 15, 2010

Bread and Butter

Is it the idiom or the taste that appeals?  Here's what I'd want besides a living income: I'd start with the black mission figs, and the pumpkin soup with roasted chestnuts.  Oysters.  The seafood gumbo is something I'd have to try but I think I might also want to indulge in the "Dinner for 2."  Mostly just because it's for two, and also because the very idea of its excess makes me happy.  But this is a neighborhood joint--I could come here for the occasional burger, the butternut squash with maple syrup, the fried sweet corn.  And I'd want to taste that cheese plate with the lavender honey, yes, I would.  Oh, let summer come quickly to Brooklyn Heights, and let my livelihood be metaphoric, and let someone say, "yes, I will have that Dinner for 2 with you."  But Helen, will you still go to there when you learn that this southern restaurant has no biscuits?


  1. I will indeed still go to there as long as you're willing to share an order of fried pickles.

  2. This got written up in the Times today!