Saturday, March 20, 2010

Went: Joe's Fabulicious Ice Cream

I've actually never been a crazy ice cream eater.  There's a great picture of me at maybe 3, 4 years old eating a pumpkin ice cream come while sitting on my dad's shoulders, the ice cream running down into his hair, and this fall, I had a resplendent ice cream experience at The Creamery in Lancaster, PA, where I had Pumpkin Whoopie Pie ice cream in a pretzel cone (maybe I should stick to a signature flavor).  Two weeks ago, while driving toward Gulf Shores, AL, we passed by a truck, parked in a lot, with a sign reading "Joe's Fabulicious Homemade Ice Cream."  We'd been stopping constantly on what was becoming a very, very long car trip for various other culinary tourist attractions, and by the time we saw Joe's, there was no stopping until we saw the ocean.  That done, however, Fabulicious, that one enticing word, fabulicious, drew us back along a 15 minute stretch of highway away from the water.  We approached the ice cream truck only to be told that the ice cream wasn't ready yet--Joe's was set to open in the morning, we'd just have to come back.  When GV told them our sad little tale of travel and food lust, we were invited to return in two hours, when the ice cream would have, by that time, set; we could be their first customers.  And so we drove away to fill up on dinner--a restaurant/shrine to Jimmy Buffet called LuLu's (I had fried green tomatoes for the first time, and enjoyed their home brewed Crazy Sista Honey Ale).  Upon our return to Joe's we were treated to three massive ice cream cones--vanilla in home-made waffle cones--that were absolute, creamy perfection.  We got a tour from Joe of his facilities, saw the ice cream makers he himself constructed, talked about how he first started making ice cream so many years ago, were shown the mix he developed for his ice cream.  We gave him his first dollar bill, and he and his wife gave us three Cajun Pistols to take home with us.  All told, we spent probably 45 minutes with Joe, and his truck, and his ice cream--and we ate what was most likely a pound of ice cream each.  The ice cream cone was delicious, the southern hospitality was charming, and we wish Joe and his Fabulicious Ice Cream much luck in their new location!

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  1. I would like to see what a "crazy ice cream eater" looks like. Do they start with the bottom of the cone?