Monday, April 19, 2010

Hecho en Dumbo

354 Bowery, nr. E. 4th st., NYC

Hecho en Dumbo used to be located -- guess where -- in Dumbo, at the Dumbo General Store (also a Want destination, I think,) but it has moved to the Bowery and added some things to the menu. Their tortillas and salsas are homemade, their cocktails sound really good, and they're adding a Mexican brunch menu. Things I want to try: picaditas de jaiba (corn masa topped with crabmeat); verduras en vinagre; house-smoked swordfish tacos.


  1. i was looking at your older mexican entries. rob and i did a whole search for the best tacos in nyc thing last summer because he was missing tucson/we love tacos/i really enjoy finding great mexican food in various non-mexican cities. like you, we hit up la esquina and pinche among some other less notable places and ended up favoring pinche over the rest (i get a shrimp taco + a fish taco when we go). we went over spring break before a show and it held up to memory, which is always good. hopefully this summer i'll discover more great tacos in the city.

  2. Yeah I like Pinche best too. So tasty, so crispy. Mercadito and Choncho's Tacos are next up on my list.