Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joseph Leonard

170 Waverly Place (Grove St.)
Greenwich Village, (646) 429-8383

"Gabriel Stulman, once a manager and partner at the Little Owl and Market Table... makes the backward glance by naming his new restaurant after his grandfathers, Joseph and Leonard, whose portraits hang in vintage frames. The tables are set with cut-glass salt cellars and curlicued flatware. You get the feeling that if you walked by Joseph Leonard at the right time of day, you might spot the iceman" -- Pete Wells for The New York Times, 9.30.2009

Allegedly out-of-this-world hash browns, Grandfather love, and all the old-world decor notes that Adam Platt seems to think are out in 2010 -- put them together, and you have Joseph Leonard, our new destination brunch spot. Of special note: the egg sandwich ($12) combines a croissant, manchego cheese, and brussels sprouts drizzled with Sriracha. I'm there.

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