Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

Soon after I moved to Brooklyn, I took a walk down Henry Street from the Heights and into Carroll Gardens.  Along the way, I stared into the glass store-front of an abandoned corner drug store; it was one of those ghostly places where time stood still, where one day, no one came back--door locked, stock left on shelves, raincoat hanging on a coat rack, waiting.  The accumulation of dust was fantastic, and the amount of stuff, incredible.  If you don't believe in expiration dates--and I don't--there was a store of aspirin in there that would make you weak in the knees.  It wasn't until several weeks ago that I noticed some action at the old pharmacy, and now, since my return to the BK, it has (re)opened it's doors as an old-fashioned soda fountain, egg creams and all.  I want to go to there and drink one with a boy, two straws. 

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  1. since this was posted a line, several football fields long, has formed at the corner of atlantic ave. and hicks street of boys wishing to take you up on this two-straw idea. you should see them with their ball caps and their hopeful eyes.