Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bathroom blog

When one enjoys an excellent entree, the hopes for a dessert of similar merit must always be in question.  It is in this vein that I begin a new review section devoted to the bathrooms of the theres we have wanted to go to and gone.  Of course, I never have need of one of these rooms, but I venture into them as a matter of curiosity. 
Northern Spy's bathroom was actually a washroom, or so the door told me.  And it was perfectly suited to the spartan, minimalist country store aura of the actual restaurant.  Tile floors, walls a Martha Stewart green, freezing cold, and with Mrs. Myers lavander soap by the sink.  It was a nice room, and reminded me of the pantry my parents used to have in their kitchen before they remodeled it--the one that came with the house in 1896.  It was quiet, and cold, perhaps most importantly, it had good lighting.  

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