Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cascabel Taqueria

1542 Second Avenue, nr. 80th St.

Excerpted from a recent New York Magazine article reviewing two new lucha-libre themed taquerias in New York City:
"In this corner, we have Cascabel, a casual counter-service restaurant with a luchador mural along one wall, framed photos of various combatants along the other, and rows of luchador figurines sandwiched between shelves of poblano peppers and Valentina hot sauce. The counter is manned by a preternaturally friendly staff, who take orders and ferry food to tables on rectangular tin plates that evoke the army or a camping trip. There are unexpected niceties, like frosted glasses for microbrew beer, $6 glasses of wine, vibrant housemade salsas in chilled caddies, and copies of the daily papers incongruously stacked alongside old issues of Box y Lucha magazine on a room-dividing condiment rack."

Dishes of interest: Rabano (breakfast radish, sea salt, Mexican herbs..); house-made chorizo; oyster mushroom tacos; ancho-spiced hot chocolate. Cookies? No. Churros? Si.

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